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Worldly COMPLEXX Coffee Table Books

Our 150-page interactive zine is presented as a coffee table book. highlighting the arts of young creatives of diverse backgrounds; legacy in color. Including odes to creatives Leomie Anderson, Aaliyah Jay, and Sunni Colon.

With over 10 spreads on up and coming clothing designers. Glimpses into new future lifestyle innovations. Electric imagery on every page Including an interview with runway model/influencer—Jordan L. The zine was designed by Worldly Complexx with art direction by Rachell Nicoles. 

These zines were created with the idea to preserve current culture, capturing moments from music, fashion scenes and beyond.

It’s our wish that these zines become part of your personal archive, used to draw inspiration, create conversation, provide page turning decor. To be saved as moments forever in time.

For fans of fashion and arts culture. This coffee table book is a visual feast full of life. Showcasing popping visuals, eye catching easy reads and interesting finds.

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Available in 4 cover editions

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